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A Critical Review of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Mastery With an Emphasis on the First Part

A Critical Review of Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Mastery With an Emphasis on the First Part


Upfront, I should provide some insight into who I am and make it clear exactly way I chose to critically review Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth Mastery.” Knowing a little bit about me and the reasons way I chose to review Gerber’s book should give any readers of this article an idea of my personal perspective, which could help in sniffing out biases and allow them to come to their own conclusions regarding the book. I consider myself a fairly objective individual though, and believe my analysis to be only partially biased in one respect, but that in itself could be a bias. You decide.

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Meteor Barbecue Review

Meteor Barbecue Review

The Meteor BBQ – Great Value?

The Meteor Barbecue from Outback was introduced in 2011 and is designed to fill the gap in the Outback range between the Omega gas barbecues and the Excelsior and Spectrum at the high spec end of the range. With more features than the Excelsior 3 burner but for a lot less money, something has to be missing from the Meteor right?

The Outback Meteor barbecue includes;

1, Main cooking area: 61 × 44.5 cm.

2, Porcelain coated cast iron grills x 2.

3, Porcelain coated warming rack.

4, Stainless steel burners x 4

5, porcelain-enamelled ‘flavorizer’ bars.

6, Built-in thermometer.

7, Electronic ignition.

8, Front panel with storage tray

9, Gas side burner.

10, Wheels.

11, Dimensions – 130 × 21.5 × 121 cm.

12, Recommended fuel: Propane gas (not included)

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Blake’s Lotaburger – Franchise Review

Blake’s Lotaburger – Franchise Review

The first ever Blake’s Lotaburger was opened in Albuquerque more than fifty years ago by Blake Chanslor a Texas native who relocated to Albuquerque after the 2nd World War. Commonly referred to by various names, such as; Lotaburger, or Blake’s, the first Blake’s Lotaburger was up and running in 1952. It has many locations existing mainly in New Mexico and as of 2009 there were more than 76 stores spanning across different cities with Albuquerque containing a majority of them.

Blake’s Lotaburger is distinguished by its introduction of green chilies to the hamburger and has been acclaimed by National Geographic as the best green chile cheeseburger in the world. A lot of attention has been given to Blake’s for its cheeseburger now named the Lotaburger as a trademark selling point. Apart from the green chile, there is also Blake’s special green or red sauce for those who want another flavor.

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