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5 Small Steps for creating a Sales Funnel

5 Small Steps for creating a Sales Funnel

5 Small Steps for creating a Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is one of the core concepts in digital marketing. If its analysis is properly, taken care of, and the holes its journey points out are duly and instantly plugged; then virtually even an obscure and almost non- existent entity can metamorphose itself into a multi-million dollar leviathan.

From Stranger to a loyal Customer

The name sales/ marketing/ revenue funnel is a bit misnomer,because, while in a funnel when something is poured in, it filters down towards one finite destination; but in sales, at the top, clusters of visitors arrive who may enter sales funnel but only a small fraction of those visitors re-emerge out from the other end. The path website visitors take on for buying a product or service is abandoned abruptly by a large segment of visitors after satisfying their inquisitiveness, so much so that some of them never leave the top of the sales funnel, while the residue reaches the very end. Thus, the journey of every sale starts with a large number of potential customers but ends with a much smaller number of people who actually make a purchase.

The curiosity demands why is a sales-funnel so important? In fact, sales funnel illustrates the path website visitors take before actually making purchases. By peeping deep into this journey of a funnel, we can detect the holes therein, i.e., the places where visitors drop out and never convert into purchases. Thus, we can visualise the customers’ journey from initial awareness all the way, through which one can analyse business and identify areas for improvements.


Generally, sales funnel stages can be divided into four sections, though they may vary from activity to activity.

Awareness:- This stage includes the largest number of prospective customers. This comprises the stage when a customer’s attention is attracted towards the product or service through any media of marketing viz, tweet, facebook, google or any other channel. The prospective customer gets apprised of your business and your product. The consumer may buy immediately if he had already done research work and is convinced that what you have offered is genuine, reasonable and competitive. It is a right — place,right-time scenario. But more often, the awareness stage is more of a courtship whereby you try to woo the prospect into returning to your site and providing you more business.

Interest:- When potential customers reach the interest stage in the sales funnel, they get engaged in research, comparisons, substitutes, and analysing their options. This is the stage where the number of prospective customers recedes, though the possibility of a sales conversion increases. The prospect requests for more information makes inquiries about the product as also the organisation. This is the moment when you should be equipped with incredible but genuine content to help them, provide every information and convince them. Do not be in a hurry to sell the product or service from the very beginning. This will turn off prospects and chase them away. The target, at this stage, should be to establish your expertise, help the consumer make an informed, decisive decision, and offer your assistance in any way they expect.

Decision:- Once the customer is convinced of the genuineness of the organisation and its product, feels his queries have been fully satisfied, then it is the time for him to make a decision. The customer is ready to buy but might be considering two or more options. Now is the time to make your best offer. It may be free shipping, some discount or any bonus product. It should be offered in such an irresistible way that your lead does not wait but plunge into taking advantage of it.

Action:-At this very bottom of the sales funnel, it is only the customer who acts. The product or service is purchased and the customer becomes a part of your business and its ecosystem. However, your effort should not cease here. Your aim is to incessantly, multiplying the leads and have to focus on customer retention. Express gratitude, follow for the feedback and assure that you are always available for technical support if need be.

Steps to build a Sales Funnel

Step 1– Analyse your audience’s behaviour — the more you know about your audience, the more effective your sales funnel becomes.

Step 2– Capture your audience’s attention — you should have the ability to lure and captivate your audience with your impressive and convincing interaction.

Step 3– Build a landing page — your ads and other content should be convincing, attractive and innovative; so much so that your prospects may have the feeling that they would be missing the offer if not then availed of.

Step 4- Create an email drip campaign — market to your leads through email regularly but not too frequently.

Step 5- Keep in touch — continue reaching to your existing customers, thanks to them for their purchases, offer additional coupon codes and involve them in your social media sphere.


Toconclude, the concept of sales funnel can make you emerge from an oblivious entity to a global powerhouse quickly through the art of scaling out a highly converting offer and winning the customer forever. Avoid shortcuts, do not implement hacks, and invest time to eventually reap the benefits and fruits of your efforts. Ultimately, perseverance pays. Creating and optimising a sales funnel takes time. Satisfy customers queries to impact conversions. Haste chases the customers away. Build out a sales funnel that represents what you want and also what your audience desires. Cultivate, adjust, adapt and last but not the least, find out why your efforts are not yielding desired results.

Digital Marketing – A Brand New Platform to Start Your New Business

Digital Marketing – A Brand New Platform to Start Your New Business

There has been a hype in the market about this platform and the way it affects the nature of the business. For the merchandise who are trying to enter the global business have chosen the medium of technology that will help them to mark their presence all over the globe. With the prevailing trends of physical advertising and marketing in the market, the industry has found a new and innovative way to present their products and services to the world.

The prime function of this forum is to act as a portal that leads its way to the worldwide market. It helps the entrepreneur to gain access to the entire industry with few simple tech hacks and nonlinear marketing approach. Though it has come to use since 90’s, but its power and importance was only understood in the era of 2000. With the changes in the technology, the social media has engulfed advanced and sophisticated medium for advertising and publicizing numerous products and services.

When a new business enters a market, it faces challenges, threats, competition, and opportunities. A proper market analysis needs to be done if you want to grab a strong foothold in the materialistic industry. The campaigns incorporated into the marketing plans are directed to control the view of the audience into the site. More the services are circulated all over the social media stage, it increases the visibility of the audience.

What Does Digital Marketing Cover?

The internet plays a very significant role in this scenario. Without the use of the internet, there would be no birth of the digital medium and it would leave to the hand of the physical marketers to promote the new products available in the market. It covers search engine optimization, content management, search engine marketing, promoting campaigns, suggesting advertisement, using social media tools, e-commerce marketing, e-books, and other forums to reach the market and maximize the leads of the business.

The emergence of this new and innovative trend have been a boon to the businesses. In this cut-throat competitive scenario, the means of using digital forum come to aid in establishing a prominent stance of the business in the emporium. The strategies and the methods adopted by the marketers increase the page rank in the search engines podium of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The ranks symbolize their popularity and the traffic engaged with the site, which in turn upscale the earnings and profit of the business.

Source: Source by Lita Willem
Internet Marketing – Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet Marketing – Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone seems to be jumping on the internet marketing bandwagon lately. In the race to get their business online, many successful businesses forget to ask themselves some tough questions about what they are doing, what their expectations are and what their plan is to meet those expectations.

The internet can be a powerful tool that can put you on solid footing with bigger companies. On the other hand, the other companies may have more money to pay for advertising. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you analyze your internet marketing strategy.

Advantage of Internet Marketing

– your store is open, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Further, your customers are worldwide in reach, and can shop anytime that they want to

– the cost of spreading your message is next to nothing. Emailing your subscription base is more oftne cheaper than sending a letter through the mail

– updating your subscribers can be done almost instantly through email. Visitors to your website can get up to the minute information on each visit. If you are having a sale, your customers can start shopping at the discounted prices literally as soon as they open their email

– if you have an information sensitive business, such as a law firm, newspaper or online magazine, you can deliver your products directly to your customers without having to use a courier

Disadvantages of Internet Marketing

– online marketing is not free. The cost of software, hardware, wed site design, maintenance of your site, online distribution costs and of course, time, all must be factored into the cost of providing your service or product.

– slightly over 50% of households shop online. While that number will continue to grow, you are reaching less than two out of three households.

– the internet is still regarded as a source of information gathering for the majority of your customers. Of the number of visitors to your site, the vast majority of visitors who are motivated to buy will do so in person. Many people prefer the live interaction when they buy. If you have a small business with one location, this may deter customers from buying.

– easier to have outdated information on your site, thus timing of updates is critical

– there is no replacement for good old fashioned customer service. The majority of internet marketers lack customer service and inquiry response programs. As a result, many online visitors to your site will already have painted your site as poor service before they have even contacted you. The majority of websites also have poor navigation, which makes it difficult for your visitor to find what they are looking for. Many sites were created with a marketing view, not a customer service point of view.

– is your site secure? Does your customer know this? There are many incorrect stereotypes about the security of the internet out there. As a result, many of your visitors will not want to use their credit card to make a purchase. The fear of having their credit card info stolen is a clear and present danger in the minds of your visitors

– there is a lot of competition for your product already out there. By the time your visitor finds you, they have already been clicking many links. Unless they can find what they are looking for quickly, they are gone.

– many web visitors expect something for free. What do you have to offer them?

There are many other pros and cons of internet marketing. Its important for you to consider each when creating your internet marketing strategy. Each of the disadvantages can be overcome, but only if you view the customer experience from the eyes of your customer, not as an internet marketer.

Source: Source by Christopher W Smith