Your next 20 sales prospects are closer than you think. 

We'll create or improve your website and make it generate sales. We GUARANTEE your first 20 targetted sales prospects.

If you need a website that looks beautiful but also generates sales prospects, you came to the right place!

Even if you already have a website, we can help you improve it and setup all the tools to make it generate highly targetted sales prospects. We guarantee your first 20 sales prospects

Here's everything you get...


We have knowledgeable pros ready to design a beautiful website that will work perfectly on mobile devices

Email list

Grow your email list the right way. Stay safe with GDPR and integrate your Gmail or Mailchimp account


Your website is backed-up daily, hosted on blazing-fast cloud server and enspires trustworthiness & reliabiliy

Sales scripts

Our sales experts will prepare all sales scripts for your emails, SMS messages, LinkedIn messages and calls

Grow your network

We'll help you grow your professional LinkedIn network, with nothing but highly relevant business connections

Multiple channels

Get sales prospecs from multiple platforms, from social media, emails, calls and web forms

Smart automation

We setup automatic emails, notifications, SMS messages, that are fully personalized and triggered the right time 

Update on the go

Not getting the prospects you were hoping for? No problem. We'll adjust your strategy on the fly for free

Prospects tracker

Keep track of your prospects across channels. Save your prospects in your CRM

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this work?

It's simple. We build (or we make sure) your website meets all the technical and design standards to convert visitors into sales prospects and we will setup all the tools and automation needed to make this happen

What kind of results can I expect?

We make sure your website and your online presence are build around generating sales prospects for you. We can guarantee a minimum of 20 targetted prospects in 30 days

Where do you operate?

We're currently based in Nicosia, Cyprus. But we operate globally. We are constantly expanding our network to the United Kingdom, United States and countries in the European Union.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We will prepare a custom proposal to fit your needs. We can build beautiful, highly converting and mobile-ready websites, starting from £1150. We will also deliver your first 20 targetted sales prospects within a month without any extra charges.

Want to talk it over before signing up?


Starting £1150