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Automation refers to software that helps a business in optimising its marketing and sales action without any time lag. All commercial institutions- from small retailers to big corporates, are using automation i.e., ‘combination of electronic and communication technology to expand their reach to a wide spectrum of clientele in order to handle larger volume of […]

What is the importance of public relations? Most small businesses do not invest in public relations (PR); however as a small business owner, you need to commit to a PR program for your business growth. What's the return on investment for public relations? Building a strong brand identity will result in more awareness and credibility […]

There’s no doubt about it — startups are expensive. If you’re looking to validate a market, prove out a pricing model, or put together the right team, you’ll need resources. Time and money are the most common resources for startups — and the more you have of one decreases the amount you need of the […]

Warning: This post will only appeal to productivity nerds and people who are super busy. And I’m talking the trying-to-juggle-127-different-tasks-at-once type of busy. Because a few years ago, that was me. I tried every possible to-do list method to keep my brain from exploding … but I’m so scatterbrained that nothing worked. So I kept […]

Content marketing is part of the business in a digital world that is necessary to achieve success on the market. If you want your business to be better than others, you won’t make it without a good content marketing strategy. Its importance in the business world today is huge. Also, to keep that content marketing on […]